EMPOWERED BY Claudia Sträter stands for feminine elegance, authenticity and ambition.
We recognised those values in actress Anna Drijver, so we asked her to be the face of the campaign.
What links us is enthusiasm and passion for what we do.

Claudia Sträter X Anna Drijver

Besides being an inspired actress, Anna Drijver is also a mother, partner, scriptwriter, chair of an interest group for actors, friend, daughter… Whichever role she plays, Claudia Sträter's clothes enhance her strength and underline her multifaceted personality. And that is precisely our mission – and has been for nearly fifty years. We translate international fashion trends into a clearly recognisable signature; feminine and stylish, with elegant lines and an eye for detail. We are known for using beautiful yarns and fabrics – generally of Italian origin – and an impeccable sense of fit. Anna on the partnership: "I am very proud of this collaboration. Alongside my work as an actress, I really like being part of a campaign by a strong brand like Claudia Sträter.





Anna Drijver has a successful career as an actress. In addition, she has two books to her name and writes scripts for films and TV series. She has her own podcast Camera loopt! and works on behalf of an interest group representing actors. We spoke to Anna at length about her career and ambitions. "I still look for things that are new and challenging".

Safari chic

Sand tones and army green are the main colors in the newest theme Desert Dream that are supplemented with pink, light yellow and lime. Desert Dream is a summer theme with a casual look. Actress Anna Drijver wears the knitted ankle-length dress, a real piece of power! Discover the empowering pieces that fit your style and personality.
Get empowered!



Anna regularly appears on the red carpet or in the media wearing outfits by Claudia Sträter.