Dirk Lambrechts photographed the campaign images for Claudia Sträter's Winter 2016 collection. He has been a succesful fashion photographer for years. His new, more artistic work has now been compiled into a book 'Illuminated'.


*The competition runs until 15 September 2016.Read the terms and conditions here.



Fashion and art. For Ger-Jan de Gilde - Head of Design, the two are inextricably linked. This season, he asked none other than Dirk Lambrechts to photograph the Winter 2016 collection.

Having started out as a fashion photographer, in recent years Dirk has moved in a more artistic direction. His free work has been on display at reputable galleries since 2015. The creative collaboration resulted in a beautiful campaign which truly does justice to the new collection. You almost get the feeling that you are looking at a painting rather than a photo. He has managed to convey that typical sense of Claudia Sträter: rich fabrics, powerful silhouettes in a luxury collection image.

Watch the behind the scenes video here.